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high desert 4x4 12-19-2009 06:50 PM

Willamette National Forest TMP Appeal Resolution
Deschutes County 4-Wheelers Trails Task Group of Region 6 of the Pacific Northwest Four Wheel Drive Association as of the 17th of December entered into a resolution to our appeal of the TMP. The Willamette is doing much as the Fremont-Winema has done. Part of this resolution is to have two maps on the table (their map and our map) by the 8th of January. On their map we will add in four-wheel routes from our maps. They will ok them or not per each one we draw up creating a map which includes our routes. Their map will have the level 1 and level 2 roads they believe are used by 4 wheel vehicles already.

Meg Mitchell the Forest Supervisor seems real and very receptive to us. This is her idea to draw the two maps as the final map, to present, as the final has not been created yet.

What we need is the maps of past four wheel runs within the Willamette National Forest. We also need about 4-6 more people to represent the clubs in this area. The area is from Roseburg to Mt Hood Forest which includes most of the key cities on the west side. This is a large skinny area, on the west side of the Cascades and I know lots of people have wheeled this area. We need these maps by the 7th of January and we need those people in the room on January the 8th. At the days end we hope there will be sufficient routes drawn and the forest service will validate in writing that they will be for Class II users. If this is done to the satisfaction of the four-wheelers in the room our appeal will be withdrawn. When the official map comes out you will see them for the first time as OHV routes or four-wheel drive routes only, for all generations to enjoy year after year.

The 4-6 people will continue to work with the Willamette National Forest personnel in getting these routes off the maps and onto the ground in the coming year. Play areas, user created trails and hand built trails will most likely need an EA which will happen in the future years. This depends on location and if it is already drawn on a Level I or II roadway it will happen as drawn by you. You will become heroes in your area. DC4W Trails Task Group will not continue to work this area only you will be involved directly with the four ranger districts. It is my hope to have at least one individual per ranger district representing the 4-wheel community.

These Ranger districts include Middle Fork, Sweet Home, McKenzie River and Detroit. These four make up the Willamette District. The Deschutes County Four-Wheelers will continue to work with Willamette at Santiam but this is but 6700 acres out of 1,675,407 acres. Which trails do we submit on the 8th depends on you!

We have a legal standing here and to resolve this we need four-wheel routes of at least a thousand miles from Roseburg to Mt Hood. Can you help? At the end of the day on January 8th your routes will be legally drawn on the map. Other areas or new trails will be considered in round two.

Willamette National Forest presented a favorable impression on us. They did comment several times of the lack of input by persons who would utilize trails in 4-wheeled vehicles. We countered with our comments of we were told by 4-wheelers they had commented. Please assist us in this misunderstanding by the forest service. We know many of you who wheel the Willamette National Forest please step up and help us to high light the areas and trails so four-wheel routes will not be lost forever.

PNW Clubs or Individual members please call me Randell Drake 541.419.9952 especially if you belong to:
Region 3: 4 At A Time, Flat Broke and 4-Wheeling, Free Wheelers 4X4 Club, Gorge Ridge Runners, Mud Muckers of Tillamook, Mud-A-Rama, Salem Jeep Club or Region 6: Cascade Offroaders, Oregon Trail Four Wheel Drive Association Inc., Santiam Four Wheel Drive Association, Strawberry Hill Four Wheelers, Umpqua Valley Timber Cruisers or Timber Linn 4-Wheel Drive Club.

Art Waugh 12-23-2009 07:51 AM

There used to be an old logging road that ran from Toad Cr. road over to Lava Lake Sno-Park, and just north of Hwy 20. I ran it over 20 years ago with the old blue chev. Probably pretty well overgrown by now, but IIRC it was a neat little route, but not all that difficult. It came in near the horse area on the sw corner of the sno-park.

bjeepin3 12-23-2009 01:23 PM

FYI, Timber Linn is no longer in PNW4WDA and has not for the past two years.


high desert 4x4 12-23-2009 02:45 PM

Beth this we know, but we assumed they still ran the forest with their 4X4's and would be interested in saving trails. Tony and Steve if you are out there your help and knowledge would be appriciated.


CJ3BWILLYS 12-27-2009 12:29 PM

Working on this! :nod:

2 Diamonds 12-28-2009 11:23 AM

Oliver Fleshman is our delegate for this project.
We have our trails drawn in for the Middle Fork as that is the only one we have been using.
Oliver can be reached at <>

To gain more roads, you may want to post this on some of the local hunting sites
We use a lot of the roads in that area during hunting season even more than with Search & Rescue

Club President

high desert 4x4 12-29-2009 07:11 PM

It would be nice to post this in and on ever media site in the world; However this is a legal appeal and only the PNW was mentioned in the appeal. So far only clubs that have responed is Cascade, Oregon Trail and Umpqua; way to few. Lots of phone calls but need trails drawn on maps. Oliver seems to be working hard to make this happen. Have several play areas offered by another man which we will include but may not get drawn in even though Class II user are using the area extensively. I am making more calls tonight but not understanding Class II user group not jumbing on a sure thing. Have so many that will get back but the days are getting few. This is something that can't be thrown together at the last minute it must be prsented in a very porfessional format. If you can help please call 541-419-9952 Randy

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