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JeepNirvana 12-22-2009 04:08 PM

Here's what a Forum Leader does
Part of the reason for kicking this new forum format into gear a little over a year ago was that we wanted the PNW forums to attract younger folks thru internet participation.
We do have many younger folks that play and participate here but we have not got allot of input from them.

Our mod team would like some help and input from younger folks on how we can better this forum and push it into the future. Let me say for the sake of a number that younger folks would be like 30 and younger. OK? That's not in stone just don't want every old codger wanting to be forum leader cause that's not what we are after.

So here's what we think a forum leader does.
They advise us on how we can make the place better.
They let us know if something is amiss and needs to be corrected.
They participate here by encouraging discussion and help us to promote forum and PNW membership.

Some of this work is done in the Forum Leader section of our forum where they can collaborate with us (the mod team). But most of it is done in the other areas of the forum.

We would like younger folks that are interested in becoming active in the forum to let us know here on this thread.
We would like input from all forum participants on how they think this should work and who they might nominate for these positions.
In one respect these folks will be mods in training for a future time when our current staff cannot handle the workload.

So please let the input begin.

We are currently thinking of adding 3 or 4 Forum Leaders.


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