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Good press - Yakima Herald-Republic
ORV cleanup slated for Saturday

April 30, 2010 by Scott Sandsberry

YAKIMA, Wash. — Volunteers from the All Wheelers Off Road Club and ORV Trail Watch are joining forces this Saturday on a cleanup effort at Beverly Dunes, a popular off-roading site.

Volunteers will be meeting up until 10 a.m. Saturday at the parking lot at Beverly Dunes, which is located off State Route 243 east of the Columbia River and south of the Interstate 90 bridge at Vantage. For more information on this and other cleanup efforts by the All Wheelers and others, go to the Eastern Washington Off Road Forum on the club’s website and see the good work some of these groups are doing.

At last month’s cleanup at the Slab — an ORV area off the end of Bonair Road in Zillah (and quite near Buena), also variously referred to as Ranks or Rankville by off-roading enthusiasts — volunteers from the All Wheelers, ORV Trail Watch and the Yakima Valley Dust Dodgers hauled off some 3,700 pounds of trash left behind by people who should know better.

Unfortunately, there remain too many knuckleheads out there who, yes, should know better. All too often those are the idiots who draw all the bad attention to off-roading, and we end up overlooking the good work being done by the solid citizens in reputable groups — folks like the All Wheelers and Dust Dodgers — who are out there cleaning up the mess those knuckleheads leave behind.

Last October, with the help and blessing from the Yakima County Sheriff’s ORV deputies, volunteers erected a sign at the Slab with posted ORV rules; within a week, there were bullet holes in the sign (courtesy of the knuckleheads) and soon after that somebody rammed the signpost over and removed the sign entirely. Those same volunteers plan on replacing the ORV signpost with a heavier post.

Just a thought: Any time you see knuckleheads out destroying the efforts of those good-citizen ORV folks who are doing the right thing, feel free to get a license plate and a description of the knuckleheads’ vehicles and report them to authorities. And when you see people putting in their own time and effort to clean up after the knuckleheads, feel free to give them a thank-you and a pat on the back.

– Scott Sandsberry

Yakima Herald-Republic

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