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Arlene Brooks 06-17-2010 04:29 PM

Letter to the Editor -
The following is a letter to local newspaper editors and is a direct result from the meeting with Commissioner Goldmark on June 10th regarding Reiter Foothills.
Arlene Brooks, WA State Director

June 17, 2010

When the Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR) temporarily closed off access to Reiter Foothills Forest last November, many of us in the off-road vehicle community believed it would never reopen. The ORV community has seen the permanent closures of recreation areas in the past and has had little experience working with a land manager to open areas.

But since November, volunteers from many differnt recreational user groups have put in hundreds of hours at Reiter successfully restoring environmental damage and helping DNR plan and establish a entirely new trail system.

Our orginial fears that Reiter would never reopen has been replaced by pride in knowing that we are helping to create something that hasn't been done in many years.

Prior to November closure, Commissioner of Public Lands Peter Goldmark announced that he would reassess the area and open what could be opened by the summer of 2010. DNR has shown their committment to reopen the area by promising to open the forest road known as Deer Flats Road to ORV use this month. Unfortunately, at this time, no trails are ready to open yet.

On June 10, representatives from the ORV and mountain bike communities met with Commissioner Goldmark and advised against reopening the road until trails are established and opened. We must keep our energies focused on the work underway and not have this progress undermined by the potential for illegal activities that could come with the road opening before trails are built.

The ORV community needs more legal areas to recreate, and DNR is listening. Join other volunteers every first Saturday and third Sunday at Reiter so everyone has a chance to help DNR provide more ORV recreation.

Neil Stamp, Northwest Motorcycle Association (NMA)
Tod Peterson, Washington Off Highway Vehicle Alliamce (WOHVA)
Rick Wygle, Wheelers of Washington (WOW)
Arlene Brooks, Pacific Northwest 4 Wheel Drive Association (PNW4WDA)
Jakob Perry- Rainier Ridge Rams (RRR)
Stephen Morris, Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance (EMBA)
Mike Kash, Reiter Trail Watch (RTW)

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The news release has appeared in the Herald News (Everett, WA) Saturday June 19th - < > (Opinion - Letters) Arlene Brooks, WA State Director ###

Grant Collins 06-20-2010 08:59 AM

That's what we wanted to happen, keep it closed until the users can be there to help enforce.
Thanks for the info!

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