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Ceg_ 11-15-2010 12:06 PM

PNWBA - South Cle Elum Ridge Run (Nov 13, 2010)
Pacific Northwest Backroad Adventures -
South Cle Elum Ridge
November 13th, 2010

On November 13th, 2010 I (Ceg) rode a long with Jerry on a South Cle Elum Ridge Run the Pacific Northwest Backroad Adventures group put on.
I am happy to say we had a few Forest Watch Volunteers on the run.

This was a very fun day for me getting to hang out with these guys. I want to thank Jerry for the great time, the ride, the food and talk. Also I want to say sorry about your rig breaking down Jerry. I know this was a very spendy trip for you.

Here are some pictures I took of the day:

Here we are in Cle Elum fueling up for the run.

We headed to the Sunset Cafe for breakfast and to meet up with the other.

Drivers meeting after breakfast.

Heading through Cle Elum.

We drove through South Cle Elum.
We went out Westside Rd. and up FS3550 until we found a spot to air down.

Moving on up FS3550.

We came to a point with a great view and took a break.

After the break we drove a short distance and turn onto FS3352.

Here Jerry is dashing through the snow,
in a little Bronco II.

Well that didn't last long.
The Bronco just stopped running.

A few guys worked on Jerry's rig. The fuel pump was not working for some reason.

All but two of the other rigs moved on with Steve as the new trail boss.

This rig stayed to follow us out.

Our tow rig.

Airing up at the bottom of the ridge.

A stroll through Cle Elum on a strap.

Back to Sunset Cafe where we met for the run.

Jerry bought all of us lunch. Thanks Jerry!

Now in the tow truck going through Cle Elum.

Turning onto I-90 heading to Yakima.

This Bronco II can do 60 MPH backwards. lol

I-82 was blocked off because of a Semi wreck we saw on the way to the run at 6:45 AM.

Turning off to take the canyon.

Here we are back at Jerry's place in Terrace Heights.

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