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Dianamal77 08-21-2011 05:24 PM

The best thing I ever ate
Iím a fan of the Food Network on TV and yesterday was a day of good eats for me. I went to a picnic and had some Chicken and Bacon Shish Kabobs. They were oh so yummy (and yes, I got the recipe). Then I went to a wedding that had some of the best BBQ ever.

So that got me to thinking, whatís the best thing I ever ate?

The best thing I ever ate didnít come from a fancy restaurant. It didnít even come from my own kitchen. The best thing I ever ate was a chicken stew, slow cooked in a dutch oven by one of our own PNW members. Thinking about it now makes my mouth water.

Whatís the best thing you ever ate?

jim putman 08-21-2011 08:31 PM

Walnut prawns, on the menu at the main garden in puyallup.

Dave McMains 08-22-2011 12:02 PM

Mine would be a T-Bone steak I had at a mom and pops cafe in the middle of Montana. It was done just right(slightly pink in the center) and the baked potato had the hard skins on it so you could "dig" the potato out and eat the shells! The corn on the cob was "new" baby corn and so sweet! Oh man now I have to sit down and eat this fried egg sandwich, not as good but the wife made it for me and I like that!

bjeepin3 08-23-2011 09:33 PM

Tacos from a hole in the wall place called Zamora's in Torrington, WY....better than the street tacos in Mexico. Always wondered if it still there....

wcjp 08-23-2011 10:10 PM

Steak at a small bar near Lemmon, South Dakota. It moooed that morning. I'm hungry everytime I think about that steak. It was close to Thanksgiving, 1994.

JeepNirvana 08-24-2011 03:23 PM

I don't know.

Probably some hunk of flank steak I packed into the woods, or some thrown together somethin on one of my bike trips.
Or the night we ate out Tammy and I at Gary Dankos in San Fran.
Or macaroni and cheese on my birthday when I was a kid.

Was I supposed to name one? :Dogfather:

First time I ate Dianas mushroomys....:drif:

Art Waugh 08-25-2011 07:55 AM

As more than a few members o the PNW can attest to-------Louise's potato salad.:wave:

426rider 08-29-2011 08:46 PM

Snickers Ice cream bars:thumbup:

TJ Jeep 10-05-2011 02:08 PM

Okay.. so like Dan.. naming one thing is hard.. HOBo stew is great.. :thumbup:oh, but a fun one was recently told to me on a overnighter.. they were called oddly Slugs.. basically campfire biscuits.. with homemade jam.. :thumbup::thumbup:Oh, the fair cannot compete! Oh but wait I do love stuffed mushrooms..:thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

:BANGHEAD2:How does one decide!

green machine 10-05-2011 02:53 PM

My grandmas enchiladas! She loved to cook for people! :pot:

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