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jim putman 09-03-2011 09:24 AM

Elbe hills focus group meeting for sept. (change)
We will have a change in the location of our upcoming focus group meeting. On September 8 at 7:00 PM-8:30 PM we will meet at Graham FD Station #91. This is the Silver Creek Station located at 10012 187th St E, Puyallup. The station appears to be west of Meridian. Lipoma Firs Golf Course is to the east of Meridian at this intersection. Please enter through the back door as the main entrance will be locked. Do not ring the doorbell as I think it alerts emergency responders.

Topics of discussion will include: the Busywild Trail, plans for rehabilitating it, etc…; road work in Elbe Hills; and WOW workparty on September 17-18. See you all on Thursday. Please pass the change of location on to anyone who might be interested in attending.

Nancy Barker

South Puget Sound Region

Elbe Public Use Forester


jim putman 09-09-2011 09:03 AM

My notes from the Elbe hills focus group meeting on 9/8/2011

Past events and happenings, Nancy has a WCC crew working at the park doing maintenance work. Been there for the past 3 weeks.

The PNW4WDA work party got work done on the mainline and lower sunrise trail. Created some diversion barriers to keep water from running down the trail into one of the dispersed camping spots.

WTF has been very busy rebuilding and improving the log crawl area.

Nancy will have the rental machine up there for the rest of this month to get a few more projects finished before the rain starts.

Busywild, Nancy and the DNR were very unhappy with the comments made on the NWW forums about how the DNR "lying to us" about keeping the busy open during the logging process. The outcome of this is that they will most likely not even try to keep trails open during logging anymore. They will just be closed until the project is finished.
There was lots of discussion about how the trail has changed from the logging. Its no longer dark in there in the middle of the day. Seems quite a few of the holes and approaches were changed around to facilitate the logging. Not to many worries though as the trail will recreate itself once the users get it back and the rain moves back in.

Discover pass, The DNR will most likely start enforcing the pass and writing tickets in Nov. They have been educating people for a while now

Equipment, Nancy has been busy researching small tractors and is figuring out what kind of machine to buy with the grant money. Looking at small excavators with multiple buckets. Also looking at rubber tracks and the new hybrid tracks made of both steel and rubber.

Upcoming events,
WOW wp on sept 17th and 18th May have to be rescheduled (more to come)
Snow Jam event is the only one on the calendar at this time (Jan)

Next meeting is on November 10th. Nancy's boss Doug will be at this meeting.

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