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iaccocca 03-06-2012 03:45 PM

Peak Putters' Birthday Run 3.3.2012
Today we had the Birthday run to Nasty Creek. I think it is safe to say that everyone had one of these moments (just add snow.) :-)

I’ll post a run report quickly so others can share their stories from their place in the pack, and more importantly, their pictures. Not much from me on that, camera died… really keep your electronics away from me right now.

Most of us met up at the Benton City Conoco to caravan up. We met up with Roy in the Tampico parking lot. We aired down, unloaded, etc. at about 9:40 AM.
Out of the Nasty Creek parking lot to snow (ice) pretty uneventful until the first consistently interesting hill climb. Roy and Rich took two different lines and made it look a little slick towards the top, so most us took the opportunity to drop more air. Everyone used their particular skill set / equipment to make the top. Then George (2-door JK on 35”s) took his turn. Not making it through the slick part netted him an interesting reverse sled ride down a few times. I convinced him (I was still awaiting my turn at the bottom) to drop from 7lbs to 4lbs. The next trip up on the same line gave him better results, until the interesting reverse sled trip to the bottom. The tighter, less traveled line was suggested, and he had better results, read not interesting reverse sled ride. What I did not realize, he had not yet made the hill and I came up to find a JK sideways in front of me. He drove out of that well and I suffered no interesting reverse sled ride down the hill. George had considered that he might have to turn around and head back, I am glad he didn’t.

We came a across a broken EB Bronco driver making his way down the hill with a CJ5 helper driver. Later the CJ5 (Dave?) came back and played with us the rest of the day.

The snow was alternating crazy ‘fun fast’ and ‘completely unforgiving’. The unforgiving snow was hard to float on and would ice up under your tires at first spin. I think it is safe to say that everyone got a tug or got a winch. Every winch was used. I am pretty sure everyone was either a tugger or an anchor at some point. Usually whomever you unstuck was unstucking you next. Good times.

I think everyone on the run needs to contribute to getting Rich’s Super Hero Cape dry cleaned. If he wasn’t tugging someone out or winching them out he was on his way to the next one. Oh, but you don’t always want to follow him… ask me how I know.

We had lunch and the few hundred yards from there to the top of the trail were, um, slow going. But we came, we got stuck, we conquered. It was decided to come back down the way we came. Not following the exact track back down (why would a Peak Putter do that) gave us some pretty good stucks… ;-)

Flying down the hill in what had been some of the difficult stuff turned out to be a kick in the ass (anybody that doesn’t think so wasn’t there or doesn’t know from a kick in the ass.) There are some good pictures.
Even the trip down resulted in a few stucks… I’ll call mine a bored stuck; trying to conquer a drift that I knew would conquer me.

That hill that was the first hill climb up was a ‘wee’ moment for me going down, sliding down, much to my surprise.

David + plus co-dawg
Jim + familial co-dawg with best snowball launcher ever
Guest: Lance (JKLance)
Guest: George (1st Putter run) + wife(?)
…and bonus Dave(?) Yellow Oddfire CJ5
(I hope I am not missing anybody, if I am please post up.)

All in all a good day of wheeling.


Please check out the Peak Putters' forum for more details and a lot more pics...

Ceg_ 03-07-2012 08:36 PM

Very cool! Nice report. Thanks for posting.

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