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Originally Posted by Merrick Graves View Post
That's fine.

I do think the trails section can be improved. Other than the mentioned trails you can find no info about other trails. Stay on this board and find for me all the info someone would need about a trail named "Baker Ridge". Who do you contact for trail info? How should my vehicle be prepared? How difficult is it? Just where is it? When is it open? What is it's trail #? Etc, Etc.

All can be answered thru my suggestions. If it were listed a simple search in the Washington Trails section would provide the answers.

Point being if a member or a non-member/wheeler comes to this site he has to ask for the info. Info we should be providing either on our site or thru links to where the info is. It would attract users to this site if they knew they could find answers.

Thanks Merrick. Sounds like we got some good stuff to talk about at Winter Convention.
This is exactly the type of thing we wanted help with with some forum leader folks.

On a completely different subject. Dianna started a thread some time ago called Monday Night Meet Ups. For awhile we would all pop in and say hi on monday nights.
I'd like to get something like that going again where we all popped in and bantered on a specific night of the week.

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