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Rob and I would like to extend a thank you to all that made Barrel Racing at Monster Jam in the Tacoma Dome a success.

A special thank you to Shelbi Curtis with Feld Motorsports, without her this event would never have come to fruition.

A great big thank you to:

Track volunteers:
Luke May – track steward
Joe May
Chris Laurent
Megan Laurent
Brandon Marek
Rob Solomon
Troy Shipman
Dan Morris
Rob Stafford
Adam May
Kevin Kehrberg
Shawn Trokke

Staging personnel:
Dave Taylor
Grace May
Kellie Solomon
Heather Furnish
Sandy Moore (in training)

Tech and tow rig:
Frank Cieplik

Anthem singers:
Tiffany Morris
Tammy Rheaume

T-shirt sponsors:
Billy Bob's Offroad
Quality Foreign Auto
Spanaway Moonshiners Jeep Club
4 Wheel Parts
Rolfs Import Auto Repair
2 Dogs Ink
Fife City Grill and Catering
Scott Dzierzanowski

Jay Fellenstein for making outstanding shirts again this year

and the meat of the event, the drivers:
Dan Morris
Lee Hill
Jeff Duren
Jer Simonson Sr
Eric Kosel
John Song
Tom Hecker
Kyle Wiebold
Troy Shipman
Kenny Nytra
Don Ratzburg
Dave Dzierzanowski
Scott Dzierzanowski
Les Pullen
Frank May
Theresa Taylor
Tom Peters
Butch Danielson
Scott Mathany
Colby Leal
Bubba Trokey
Jer Simonson Jr
Jason Culbertson
Derek Pfaff
Wayne Laurent
Paula Lyckman
Brad Schwartz
Mike Lyckman
Alex Littleboy
Julie Kehrberg
Tara Pfaff
Shawn Churchill
Melody Reynoldson
Callen Kosel
Tyler Shipman
Freddy DeLaCruz
Bill Ratzburg
Tim Dzierzanowski
Aaron Clark
William Campbell
Marty Tilford
Rob Green
Kevin Parker
Diana Stafford
Dan Rheaume
Megan Rabe
Josh Shupe
Willie Reynoldson
Ernie Littleboy
Travis Ronne
Dan Simonson
Kevin Kehrberg
Mikki Simonson
Diana Prine
Al Churchill
Rob Stafford
Dorothy Churchill
Steven Halasz
Kelsey Mueller

The following drivers will get a special award for their crowd pleasing roll-overs:
Kenny Nytra
Frank May
Julie Kehrberg
Jer Simonson Sr
Mikki Simonson
Bill Ratzburg
Jeff Duren
Rob Stafford
Jer Simonson Jr
Dan Rheaume
Dan Morris

Thank you, thank you to all. Without each and everyone listed above this event would not have been near the success it was.

If I left someone off the list, my apologies. They say with age the memory is the second thing to go, I can’t remember what the first thing is.

Here are some posts I found on another website…

“I think the barrel races were the best part by far, trucks are cool but wasnt the good drivers, couple good rollovers in the barrel races though”

“I went this afternoon , it was cool , barrel races was the best part , think im goin to build one out of a land cruiser cause im to cheap to jeep”

“ya the barrel races would be fun to do it was a good show”

“The barrel racing was sweet as were the dirtbikes.”

“I spoke to a co-worker about the show on Sunday... He was surprised at our showing, he even said that the jeep racing was better than the motocross and the monster trucks”

“Monster trucks were decent, barrel races were pretty fun. Announcer gave a good plug for the NW off-road associate was nice.” (I’m assuming he means the PNW4WDA)
Diana Stafford
Cascade 4x4s
Overbored Racing
Countyline Offroaders
Region 2 Membership
Real Deal Doe Run Member

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