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Originally Posted by Dogfather View Post
hey Thanks Alan for your insite I will go ahead and update all the dates to 2010 and then when more time presents it self I will get on to the copyright page and reasearch it further. From what I read one day in a few minuts the art has to be registered but like you said the date reflects the last design update. (Not no expert here)
On my personal web site, I have two dates: One is the copyright date which reflects the date the website was first online then a dash and the current year. The second date is separate and is a "This page last updated" date. Here's an example from one of my pages:

This page last updated: November 15, 2009   

Site contents and layout copyright  2005 - 2010 by website owner.
All rights reserved.
I have a simple javascript that does not require updating of the copyright date after the first year. In the javascript you enter the first date and that's all. The javascript is written in such a way that it checks the web server for the current year!

Here's the URL to the code:
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