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Originally Posted by PistonsChick View Post
How much longer are we going to have to update TWO calendars with event information?

Is there anyway we can get rid of the old calendar and have the link on the front page point to the new calendar that is accessed from the forum?

The old calendar software "SUCKS" and the new calendar software "ROCKS" (just in case you wanted or needed my opinion).
Now you've gone and hurt my feelings.
I wrote the calendar that "SUCKS" and would be interested in what you (or anyone else) likes/dislikes about either calendar.
(Assuming the old calendar was not broken. It currently seems to be ignoring dates when trying to display the next/previous month, etc.)

I have worked on integrating the new calendar with the front page and sent some stuff to Edward back in September:

OK, I have something set up that can display the VBulletin calendar on the home page.
You can see it at

I'm still not sure whether this is the right thing to do.

The main argument against it is that the old calendar can automatically list selected (by you) events on the home page, under the Coming Events and Work Parties headings in the left and right columns.
You could work around that by hand coding those sections of the home page.
Or, we could try to come up with some way for you to mark events in the VB calendar to be automatically listed.

Other significant differences:

The old calendar allows events to be categorized by location and/or type. You could add custom fields to the VB calendar to support this.

The old calendar allows users to select events to be displayed according to location and/or type. I can't think of any way to do that in the VB calendar, but I don't think it was used much, if at all.

The old calendar forced a more consistent layout of event location and contact data. That information may or may not be embedded anywhere in the VB calendar.

The VB calendar allows much more stuff in the event description, including text size, color, bold, italic, embedded links and images.

The VB calendar has some support for recurring events.

The VB calendar is integrated with the forum, which seems to be the only thing many people think about on our site.
This also means no separate login required, although I could probably modify the old calendar to use the VB login.
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