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Default Portland

A great big thank you to everyone that helped make our first barrel event in the Rose Garden (Portland, OR) a great success!

Drivers in the Rose Garden were:
Wayne Laurent
Adam Folden
Scott Dzierzanowski
Tim Dzierzanowski
Dave Dzierzanowski
Dave Baldasano
Travis Ronne
Josh Wiebe
Troy Shipman
Tyler Shipman
Brad Schwartz
Ben Brown
Colby Leal
Scott Mathany
Marty Tilford
Richard Boettcher
Larry Curtis
Bryan Schwartz
Tessa Schwartz

The following drivers will get a special award for their crowd pleasing roll-overs:
Colby Leal
Marty Tilford
Bryan Schwartz
Troy Shipman
Diana Stafford
Cascade 4x4s
Overbored Racing
Countyline Offroaders
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Real Deal Doe Run Member
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