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On December 16th, 2009 we received this report on our forum:
Originally Posted by RDub
This afternoon I was in the area and decided to run up and see how your sign was doing.

Well its still there...

.... but someone recently rammed into it and I'm going to bet that the poles are gonna need to be straightened or replaced. you can tell they tried to push it over by the tires digging in right there

heres the tread pattern. I also seen this same tread pattern tearing up hills going into ranks along the canal bank and also seen the same ones going down into the open fields that are private property on the south side of the roza.

Someone also recently dumped a big chunk of carpet near the entrance.

some cheap looking all terrains did the carpet dumping.
On January 18th, 2010 I was e-mailed this picture:

I placed a craigslist add to see if anyone had any info.

About a week later Scott Howard from Orchard Rite e-mailed me his phone number and I call him. He gave me the address where the sign was being stored to give back to the ORV deputies. Since there are no more ORV deputies BlindPilot went and pick the sign up for us so we can get it remounted. Scott from Orchard Rite is donating a piece of wind machine tower for us to remount the sign. Test Dummy is working out a plan how to use the wind machine tower to hold the sign where it will not get damaged as easy.

Here is BlindPilot's report after getting the sign:
Originally Posted by BlindPilot
Ceg called me this morning with directions of where to pick up the damaged sign. I talked with the father of the guy who picked up the sign for us and thanked him on our behalf for getting this picked up and back to us. He said that his son goes wheelin up there often and tries to "keep an eye" on stuff up there. He had spotted the damaged sign and brought it back to their place until they could get it to the proper people. I have the sign now in our fence shop and I'll keep it until we need it.

Here are some pictures of the damage to the signs.

It's bent, a lot of the "attaching points" where the bolts had been were torn out, and a "chunk" of the bottom of the sign is almost completely gone. The overall face of the sign is still in good shape, minus the bullet holes which aren't THAT noticeable. I think most of it will bend back into shape fairly easy, but we're going to have to figure out a different framework or way of attaching it. The "chunk" missing off the bottom looks unrepairable to me, I think we're going to have to cut that peice out.

Our company has gravel and cement, and mixers to mix the concrete. I will donate the use of the equipment, as well as the gravel and cement. The largest auger we have is 12", so hopefully someone else has a larger one.
DiRtY BiLL donated some large Angle Iron to build a frame to put the sign in. Havo is has it right now welding the frame together and drilling the holes to bolt the sign on.
Clay Graham

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