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Okay, as this is now all over the intardnet, and I'm pretty annoyed by the whole thing, I ain't gonna be bashfull about posting what I've found about it. To wit:


CODRA Paisley 400 Info:

Dear fellow racers, participants and fans,

It is our sincere regret to inform you that due to environmental concerns raised by an outside organization located here in Oregon, the 2010 Paisley 400 is being postponed.

This delay in the race date stems from concerns raised by the environmental/desert conservation group that BLM has not completed satisfactory requirements and administrative studies within our operations area.

We have met with both BLM, and the group, and have determined that the requirements for all related studies and environmental assessments must be met prior to our obtaining a permit for the event. These requirements, public comment periods and such will put us beyond the original planned date. Therefore the decision to postpone has been made. This was an extremely tough decision for us to make, however it has not discouraged us and we think it will be for the best.

Due to our increasingly shortened time line constraints, the necessary time for BLM to complete all of their administrative work and required studies, this leaves both BLM and CODRA with too little time to have a successful event for you, the racers.

Given these circumstances and the time frames involved with CODRA and BLM, we have made the decision that postponing the event 1 year will allow for all administrative procedures to be completed. This will also ensure that CODRA and BLM cover all requirements for putting an off road racing event like this together.

We view this minor setback as an opportunity to make sure that the event will be a great success and allow CODRA a complete planning time frame. This will likely increase attendance, and most importantly your enjoyment of the event!

We also feel that this will create an opportunity to gather more support for the people of Paisley, their businesses and most importantly the School by having an increase in attendance.

We are continuing in planning the event and having outings to gather more information about the area and possible course options.

Yours Truly,

Jared Ford, Kevin Hescock,
CODRA Staff.

Please ask us any questions you may have and keep checking back to the website for updated information. Don't get discouraged, we're not. This race WILL happen
************************************************** ********

The "outside" group

Please take time to explore their site. Most of the prime movers are out of area. When meeting with CODRA and BLM, they were not even listening to any concessions offered, and when asked if they'd been to the area, the answer was "No".
************************************************** ********

List of ONDA supporters:

Bank of the Cascades

Bend REI

Cascade Lakes Brewery, Bend OR

Creative Art Works, Framing


Deschutes Brewery

Devore's Good Food Store

Environmental Building Supply

Environmental and Engineering Solutions, llc.

FemFocus Physical Therapy

J B Davis Construction

Jeff Merrick, P.C. Civil Litigation Attorney, Portland OR

Keen Footwear

McLaughlin Furniture, Bend OR

Momentum River Expeditions

Mountain Air Batik


Pine Mountain Sports


SageCoach Bend, OR

Silver Moon Brewing

Strictly Organic Coffee

Sunnyside Sports

Ten Barrels Brewing Company

Terra Communications

The Curiosity Shoppe

Three Creeks Brewing Company, Sisters OR

Trader Joe's

Wild Birds Unlimited, Bend OR

Winter Creek Restoration
************************************************** ********

Comments on any of the above info are more than welcome. If I've stirred up a hornet's nest, so be it
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