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Originally Posted by reson46 View Post

Do you have the names and positions of the USFS representatives that were at the meeting? I'm horrible with names and wasn't clear what everybody's role with the USFS is.

These are who I noted - I think I got one name correct.

Jim Franzel (gray haired gentleman?) - District director?
New transfer from San Bernardino (I don't remember her name) - What is her role with the USFS?
Lady sitting to Jim's left (I think her name may have been Mary?) - What is her role with the USFS?
Gentleman sitting to her left - His name and role?
Officer on the end - Law enforcement officer for this part of the district.

I think for future meetings we may want to de-emphasize the fact that closing Evan's Creek will result in illegal activity elsewhere. We know this will happen and we know that the percentage of ORV users who participate in these activities are no greater than those in other recreation groups (hikers, bikers, etc.) who participate in similar illegal activities, but it was pretty obvious that the point was lost on Mary (?). It was apparent that her opinion of ORV activity was not favorable and that she would rather use those facts to shut down all motorized activity on public lands instead of leaving Evan's Creek open.


Willy, Thanks for coming last night. As heated as the meeting got I think it got through to them that this is a important issue and we will be seeing more attention on it. Bob and Mary have always been great to work with and have always been supportive of our sport and use. I think a lot of Marys frusration is due to the lack of knowledge of what the "non involved" wheelers are doing and saying. All they really hear is what our group has to say and sometimes thats just not enough. They need to understand that there is a cause and effect issue that they basicly ignore as a whole. The simple line that "there are other places to motorize" reflects how little they really understand what were up against. Again I think it went well and am optimistic that good things will follw. as for who was there.
Jim Franzel. District ranger (hes the boss)
Cecilia Reed Public service manager. basicly second or so in command for recreation (bob and marys boss.)
Mary Coughlin. recreation for white river district
Bob Pacific Recreation and manager for white river district.
Ian Cannon is the FS LEO for the district.
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