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Alright race's the scoop. I can't give too much information as I promised a certain magazine more specific details on this race.

This was the most technical track I have experienced in my short time as a co pilot (which equals about 5 times in the passenger seat). 9.5 miles of every type of surface you can think of, mud, rocks, silt and washboard. My driver, Scott DZ in a leaf sprung stretched out jeep called Total Insanity- we had to complete 10 laps. My job, watch the gauges, tell him to slow down at specific points and when to haul A**!

Our group consisted of Scott DZ, his dad Dave DZ and Tim, Dan Rheaume and co pilot Chelsea, Jer Simonson and daughter Samantha, Danny and Miki Simonson and Scott Methany. The previous day were Dan Bowers and Rob Green finishing 16 laps of torture with their pit crew. Out of all the PNW racers Scott DZ barely held the jeep together to finish the race. Thanks to some crazy Canadians who welded the frame back together around lap 7? came to our rescue when we saw the engine unexpectedly bouncing up and down due to breakage in the frame. I guess I should have done a better job of telling him to slow down at certain points.
Dan had a bent frame, Jer went out with transmission issues and shock failure, Dave and Tim DZ went out with driveline and transmission damage and Danny and Mikki went out with a broken transmission. Scott Methany did finish in the Sportsman class with no damage as far as we could see!
It was a rough day and I did spend the next day on the sofa and in the chiropractor’s office with comments such as “what the heck did you do to your neck” asked of me...... what could I say? I have a thing for adrenaline and you don’t really want to know, were my comments.
I am so proud of the PNW4WDA folks. Even though Dan, Rob and Pit Crew had finished the day before they hung out and volunteered for pit crew the next day. What a great group of people to hang out with. There are more people to thank for our pit crews; it really was not possible without you!
pictures to follow if I can get Dan R to increase my photo sizing abilities..
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