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Installment #2

To remove the radiator from an XJ Cherokee you will need to remove the 5/16” bolts that hold the mechanical fan shroud and the Electric fan to the radiator support. Unplug the electric fan and the switch. (two plugs, one high, one low)

You will then need to remove the two 5/16” nuts from the top of the radiator support. These go onto studs in rubber vibration isolators.

Then remove the four 10MM bolts from the radiator support (two on each side) and lift it off. If your isolator studs spin, just pull firmly on the radiator support and the studs will come out with the radiator support. Once the support is off, just set it aside.

On certain models like mine, the left side support mounting bolts hold the hood prop in place. I used the hood “prop” from the Toronado to hold the hood up since I don’t want to pull the hood until I have too. Just set the prop rod aside. I put the bolts and nuts back in their places once the support was removed so I don’t lose them.

I found it easier to remove the radiator and trans cooler hoses with the support out of the way. You don’t need to remove the A/C lines and condenser. They don’t get in the way much. My A/C is defunct, so I will be removing the compressor and A/C junk altogether when all is said and done.

For slush-box equipped vehicles only:

The trans cooler lines are quick disconnect style fittings, just squeeze the tabs and push the hose off the hard line. My upper trans line didn’t want to separate from its hose; then I removed the upper line at the radiator using a 15MM line wrench and then disconnecting the hard line from the support loop by removing the 5/16” screw from the bottom of the radiator.

I have no pictures of the trans line removal; I needed both hands for this…

Now loosen the hose clamps on the upper and lower radiator hoses and remove the hoses from their fittings on the radiator. Mine came off fairly easy, but since they should be replaced, you can cut them off too.

Now you should be able to remove the radiator from the vehicle by pulling straight up.

The last portion for today is removal the serpentine belt and vacuum manifold. There are three 14MM bolts the hold the pump in place. Loosen (do not remove) the three. Two in the front, one high, one low, and one in the rear. Then the 14MM Jack screw can be turned counterclockwise to rotate the pump down to loosen the belt. Once the belt is good and loose, work it off the pulleys and around the fan.

The vacuum manifold slides up and out of its holder behind the Power Steering pump, then squeeze the tabs and pull it apart. Remove the fresh air hose from the valve cover and lay vacuum manifold halves off to the side….. (no picture here)

I need to replace my battery box as it is trashed from years of battery acid drippings. Remove the three 15MM nuts from the bottom of the box and pull it out. (Sorry no picture here.)

Next installment will be removal the front skid, alternator, A/C compressor and PS hoses.

I apologize for the crappy cellphone pics, I can’t find the digicam…..

BTW, thats not black paint on the valve cover. It's all the oil it puked out from the fill cap when the last cylinder died...
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