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I want to Thank you all Very Much for your Comments..

I too drive a small rig and enjoy the world out of it, and really don't see a reason to go bigger But.

I like being able to have freedom of Speech, I like the right to Bare Arms so as to protect yours and mine from desperate people. I like having a choice to drive I-5 or old 99, and the right to drive a Busted ass pinto if I so choose.

You have heard Parents around the world say if you give them an inch they will take a mile?

Well Guess what, Those kids grew up and are now in positions of power over our great Land.

My Philosophy is simple I don't like restrictions, I don't like the Man telling me I can or can't.
I understand rules have to be in place to Stop/slowdown the uneducated.

It is of my Opinion that Tire size and width restriction will not stop the Damage only enforcement of the current rules and regulations will, the only way they will stop this trend of Damage is to dig deeper in their Pockets and Pay for more E&E enforcement and Education.

It is also My opinion that if restrictions are subjected, I will build my rig accordingly. (( I play well with others))
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