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I was at the meeting on Tuesday.
The issue of "width restrictions" was brought up a wheeler not by any forest employees. The question was asked what was the width restrictions at Evans Creek was, and the answer was 72". The original width used to be 60" way back. It was not discussed if it was hub-hub or tire-tire.
Changing the number for current vehicles is being addressed for the Tail Jamboree, those involved are trying to get it up to 76".
Evans Creek is an existing ORV park and the rules are already in place. When a new park is opened new rules are written.
Keeping our current trails healthy and open needs to today's focus.
I would like to see consistent numbers for all National Forest ORV Parks.
The current staff is in a hard place, they want to keep the parks open, but need to maintain current (even if out of date) rules and regulations.
I feel that this issue can be looked at to accommodate today's vehicles, but it needs to presented in a educated and professional manner.
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