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Originally Posted by iaccocca View Post
You will be pleased to know that I got the Peak Putters' check off to Operation Light Sabre and, including your contribution, we sent $560.
So are there any other clubs in the PNW4WDA willing to step up to the challenge of besting the Peak Putters and their friends? This is a great cause giving important help to our troops. If any of your clubs think they can beat the Peak Putters you can expect a ten-spot from me to help you in your attempt.
Thanks to everyone that contributed to the Peak Putters efforts for this fund raiser,

Each year the PNW4WDA Trail Jamboree holds a raffle for Friday nite Doorprizes. Since the program start of Friday nite raffles (6 years running) the TJ has donated almost $24,000 to different orgs. I have had discussions with Sid and Kelda and the thought is that this year the TJ will donate funds from our Friday Nite efforts.

Just so you understand the program better. Here's how it runs.

The Tj accepts doorprizes from numerous clubs that attend the TJ. Regions also step up and donate dollars that we purchase doorprizes with. Also our vendors and sponsors donate doorprizes. After the TJ starts we announce the charity we will be making a donation to after the conclusion of the Jamboree. We then start selling and hawking tickets for the drawing. Sometimes we can get club challenges going. We also sell tickets for a 50/50 drawing. Firday nite comes along and after the driver's meeting we hold the drawings. Everyone has a goodtime and hopefully wins something. By the time our program rolls around on Saturday nite we have final numbers to anounce. And like I said we have done pretty well with this program

Lee, if you would could you please contact me. We can discuss this further. I've sent you contact info via a pm.

Also as a bit of a side note I can discuss this at the Region 1 meeting tonite and start a club challenge.
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