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Default 5/22 Walker Valley ORV "Emergency" Repairs...

Well, as a result of last weekend's "Trail Assessment Run"; There was a work party planned by Jakob and myself to get the critical areas repaired, or a good start to a permanent fix... All in all was a great day with lots accomplished!!!
Most of the work was done on the Upper Mainline section, and Upper Expressway Trails; Got a couple waterbars installed to help elilminate water/sediment intrusion to a couple small drainages; Will need some rock brought up to permanently shore everything up---the wettest areas were cleared/drained, and dispersed from critical area; and got a little wheelin' in afterward!!! Only carnage to any rigs was on Jim Paget's rig---couple love taps in the right rear of his Trooper (resulting in a broken tail light lens, and some "personality" to the rear quarter!); and the one WIOR (Whidbey Island OffRoaders) who came out to help---lost the passenger factory step as well as a love tap in the RR quater on his TJ!!! (perfect excuse for corner armour and sliders!!!); two other individuals from Whatcom County came out to help out---Great folks!!! Thanks again Andy and Corey!!!
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