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My little misive for the kids at PEER:

Seems to me like a lot of "Public Employees" are forgeting just who they work for here! You guys are supposed to be working with all the user groups to come up with equitable programs to manage OUR lands. Instead, you've targeted OHV users as the bad guys, and are spending MY money to lock ME out of MY land! You, people, are out of line! Start doing your jobs in the way it's meant to be done, not for the environazi extremists out there. They are only a small fraction of the users on PUBLIC lands, yet they seem to get all the attention. You best believe I don't intend to stay quiet while this happens! Again, you are PUBLIC employees. Start acting like it!!

Dave Walters
Tri Cities Peak Putters 4x4 Club
Land Use Coordinator
Dave Walters
Tri Cities Peak Putters
Land Use Coordinator

It's a Scout thing
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