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Originally Posted by Merrick Graves View Post
Looks like you guys had a good time. I ran around up there on Friday I must of went past before you all pulled into camp. I spend so much time on the trails there I just ran every road in the 1601 and 1613 and 1611 drainages. Saw lots of critters including a litter of Coyotes but I was't lucky enough to spot a Cougar.

Hoping to catch up with you and your group someday I would like to tag along.
We must have pulled into camp about 12:30-1 PM on Friday. Saturdays run was great. The first time up those trail for many of us. It was great to see the trails were not over used like the ones down the road. A few places it was hard to see where he trail was because of the new grass covering the path. The trails were marked well at the road crossings. That was a big plus or we would have been screwed knowing where to go. We will be back after the snow melts.
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