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Default Led conversion

I replaced the five halogen lights in my Arctic Fox 811 truck camper with G4 LED's. I measured amperage at the fuse. The single Halogen entry light has a draw of 1.63amps. The four Halogens have a draw of 6.36amps. All five together draw 7.97amps.

Led single entry light is .17amp. 4 led lights draw .73amp. 5 led lights draw .91amp.
The Leds do flicker on the dimmer at low levels. About 60% power and above is great.

I already replaced the bed reading lights, kitchen and bathroom with led. I didn't take any measurements for those lights.

I also installed a new Kenwood HD deck. At Standby with no music it draws .41amp. With the faceplate popped off but ready to go the draw drops to .06amp then 0.00amp.

The Halogens get real hot. I'm also thinking I should change the fuse to a lower rating.

Here's where I bought my stuff.
93' YJ w/factory hood

06' CTD
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