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Originally Posted by gunrunner View Post
Thank you for that very informational report, I have been thinking of changing to LEDs in my coach, now I am going to get off my duff and get r done.
Haven't spent the bucks to do an LED conversation to the camper. I have however done it to 2 jeep vehicles in the fleet. That conversion gives me piece of mind as I know of the reliabality of these lamps.

On the other hand I have done a home conversiation of most lamps to Compact flourscent and LED Lamps. The energy cost seem to be less each month but the lighting comes with many advantages. One of which is in the bathroom in the middle of the night. CFL start at a low intensity and glow to full brightness. This seems to work well for me on the late nite excursions I make. No bright light blindless. I also have LED floodlights which use nothing powerwise compared to the old lighting. The wife bought LED christmas lights and we paid for them in one season with reduced power cost. The whole house is now done in less than 40 watts where before it was 4000 watts.

In my career as an electrician I have cured many a circuit problem with LED and CFL lamps. I do believe in them. Maybe I'll get the the RV.
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