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Default Governers Budget meeting

I came to this meeting last night, hoping we'd have a good presence. About 8 people showed up, which ain't bad at all!

Arlene was able to speak, and although it was a good opportunity for us to voice our concern, I left with a feeling of disappointment...

Youtube video:
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I will not Stand by and Let you Insult Arlene

If you are Mr High all mighty that can do things so much better then come to the region meetings tell us how much you care about this Sport and let us Stand behind you and get you voted in as Washington State Director.

I applaud your words for being what you care about ...just bad timming and wrong place. Save those for the Business meeting

The Open forum is not a place to Bash one of our elected Officials Because "you" think she did a Bad job.

Step up to the Plate Brotha.. Lets here you.

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