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Quack Attack has officially opened!!!

All of us in Region 6 would like to thank Randy & Mona Drake for their endless dedication to seeing the construction of this trail thru to the end. This trail has been named in honor of them. We also want to thank the many volunteers who have donated their blood, sweat and tears, as well as their vacation time and weekends to the construction. Not a single peice of heavy equipment was used to construct this trail, it was all done by hand.

We welcome all to come see this trail. It is definitely a 4x4 trail, and NOT anything like the "perfectly good road nearby." So bring your spare parts, engage your lockers, or plan on dragging yourself all day.

This trail is a testament to the persistance of the clubs of Region 6 who refused to take "No" for an answer, who refused to let others confine us to roads, and who are dedicated to saving our sport for future generations. There were those who called for this trail to be closed before it had even opened, who called for us to "repair the damage" of a new trail, who complained to the Forest Service about our "illegal" activity. Let this be an encouragement to all our fellow true 4x4 'wheelers. It can be done!!!

The Quack Attack trail is located in the Santiam Summer Motorized Recreation Area and is located across the road from Benson Sno-Park, just behind Hoo Doo Ski Resort off Highway 20. Please see the link to the trail map:

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