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Originally Posted by JeepNirvana View Post
A Few of us started buzzing in Sids ear last year of the possibility of an overnight run at Trail Jam.

We have a team of hosts
Shawn Churchill
Kevin Kerberg
Marty Tilford
Dan Morris
Dan Rheaume

We are in the planning stage right now. As this will be the first ever overnight run at Trail Jam this is new for all of us.
We would appreciate input on a few things.
The run itself
Camping location
Meal Ideas

The hosts will have a meeting to share ideas and plan at Winter Convention.
We will then send a proposal to Sid and Kelda as to what everyones ideas are.
Sid would like to see how much interest there is before making a firm commitment on this. Would anyone and everyone that is interested please chime in here and we will get this ball rolling.

Not quite correct. This idea was done back in the mid to late 90's at the Jamboree. There was much interest in the beggining but then fell off until the idea was dropped.

If this is to become a reality Sid must be proactive with the travel plan as this must be covered. It does bring another level of scrunity to the permit process as the Jamboree is held off of FS lands. When a group stays on the FS lands overnite certain things must be addressed in the travel plan.

I think if this were to be done advance signups should be considered.

Not saying it can't be done, Just needs to addressed.

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