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I have my CJ with dual licience.. now having said that they hate to do that.. in Enumclaw she does it knowing why we do it. But Federal Way.. they give me grief..

There is still lots of disscussion offline as to which area will get what designation.. There is a fine line that the DNR is establishing that may effect us but in a good way.

So don't rush out in June and buy this pass unless you know for sure you will need this pass.

The FAQ on both website and on my post.. has lots of good information.

Getting our jeeps with dual registration also will cut down on how many we have to buy.

Volenteer time is also going to be a huge factor. So keep track of the time you spend a part of that time for this year may count.

So at this point stay tuned.. more to come. Keep the questions and concerns coming as I will forward those on.
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