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Originally Posted by Dianamal77 View Post
1st All Automatic Transmission must have minimum of 3/8 conveyor belting, 1" head of flywheel to tail shaft that is securely fastened, with recommended explosion proof blankets and or bell housing, transmission cover that is SFI approved.
Is this what I need for my TH350? What is everyone else using?


CSR Performance Products has expanded their world famous composite flexplate shield to include their SUPER SHIELD, incredibly light one piece flexplate / transmission shield. Made from today's toughest aerospace composites. Weighing less than 5 lbs, including all hardware. Designed to fit under the OEM floorboards and eliminate the expensive cost of aftermarket heavy cast aluminum bell housings and cases. Installation is fast and simple utilizing just 4 special bolts and a kevlar strap. Meets S.F.I. specifications 30.1 Flexplate shield and specification 4.1. Transmission shield.
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