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I am open to ideas folks.. this is all new to me. I am also open to ideas of where to have the meetings..

I am seeing that the 21 or 22 will be West side.. after that I am open. Just if we do a Sunday eastside I need to be on the road early enough to get home and ready for the work week.. Darn Job! So allowing for drive time for me. I am flexible that really these are your meetings, I am just the person who will facilitate and make the arrangements for speakers..

I am open to topics and speakers as well. I just need to make sure I get them on the schedule with enough notice.

Would love to see suggestions and perhaps cooridination of efforts. Often times we(me for sure)get so busy and are pulled in different directions. I rely on others to help be my ears and eyes. A true network of people on the ground with their ear to the ground or is it tires in our case?

I will try and post ideas as I have them or get them!
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