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Default Re: State Lands meeting in Eastern Washington?

Originally Posted by TJ Jeep View Post
I like Spokane and all but wow, in January that is a drive..

So if I can find locations the date are as follows.

Westside (Western Washington)- Januany 22 - yes I know a Sunday but I want to go to Snow Jam.. on Saturday.. or Westside - Feb 4th???

Eastside (Eastern Washington) that leaves January 28th or 29th? Much beyound this date and it will be after Winter Convention? Which would that be an issue? Well unless I am not re-elected? But what a way to start a new office.. LOL

Please let me know.. I really want to be flexible and I really want attendance.

So what dates would be best for my speakers and delegates?

I love Feedback!

Locations - that will be driven by what I can find that will not break my budget! I would love to find Libraries or some halls that would work cheeply!

Again Love ideas
What is your budget (maybe best to e-mail me outside of the list with that information).
Also, if it ended up being here in Spokane, I might be able to work with you on finding a place. However, I'm already committed to another event on Sat, Feb 4th.
What is the typical attendance?
We could always make it a two-day event with riding one day and the meeting the other day of the same weekend.
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