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Default Eastern Washington Adventures Wenas Run - Dec 31 2011

Wenas Wildlife Area: End of Year Run
Report by Clay Graham / Eastern Washington Adventures

Wenas Wildlife Area Photo by Clay Graham / Eastern Washington Adventures

Around 10 AM Saturday December 31st, 2011 Eastern Washington Adventures members met up at the Sheep Company Road entrance of the Wenas Wildlife Area for the End of year run. I rode with BlindPilot in his TJ. This was more of a backroads sightseeing run this year since there was not much snow.

First we explored Rosa Creek Road to the end. Next we ran the Umtanum Ridge Road to the Southeast to check out the views over looking the Yakima River. Next we ran Umtanum Ridge road to the west. We dropped down into Black Canyon and then back up to Umtanum Ridge road again. We continued following Umtanum Ridge to the Northwest and dropped down to near the end of the pavement on North Wenas Road. We ran the pavement down by Wenas Lake to ran a green dot road back up to Umtanum Ridge. The first road we tried was Kelly Hollow but it was closed. Next we drove of Hessler Road to find it was closed at the end. We turned around and drive back out. Tealtard headed for home and we decided to run the Wenas Pass for something to do. On the Ellensburg side we turned up Durr Road and ran it out to Sheep Company Road. We aired up and headed out. TJ40 when home and the rest of us went to the Eastern Washington Adventures Club House for the New Year's Party.

See full report with 80 photos at: Report w/photos: Wenas Wildlife Area: End of Year Run - Dec 31 2011

Clay Graham
PNW4WDA Region 4 Public Relations
PNW4WDA Beverly Dunes Coordinator

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