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Default Calendar of Events (Question)

So Hey Folks "Lets Talk"

The New MMS (Membership Management System) Has a built in Calendar of Events section that posts on the front Page and Can Eventually Merge with the Registration System. We have been using the vBullettin Calendar system Because it is tied to our Forums.

Well (("This Just In" )) I just learned that our MMS system Calendar can Feed a Google Calendar!

What does that Mean....? Well those of us that have finally upgraded to Android phones I'm not to sure about the Iphones? But this means that our calendar can be synchronized on your phone.. or your club calendar if you use a Google Calendar. in essence if I enter a club run on the PNW4WDA Calendar it will show up on My Club Calendar because I have it synced with PNW4WDA.

So What you think? Sound like a Plan?

Should I go ahead and Create a Google Calendar for PNW4WDA that you can sync to and then tell our MMS to send the Calendar Data to it?

You Know I already Know your Answers So keep your eyes Open Here on this Thread I will Post the Data you need to sync your calendar...

(((After I get the Billing System Up and fixed First))
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