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Default Naneum Ridge State Forest Recreation

They (DNR) are looking for volunteers.

Naneum Ridge State Forest Recreation Plan
Recreation Planning Committee Information
What is the Recreation Planning Committee?
The Recreation Planning Committee is convened for the specific purpose of developing draft recreation management recommendations and providing information and insight to DNR staff for the development of the Naneum Ridge State Forest Recreation Plan.
Draft recommendations developed in this committee will be presented to DNR executive managers and the Commissioner of Public Lands.
What is the Recreation Planning Committee’s mission?
 To provide insight and input to help DNR make decisions related to recreation management on state-owned trust lands;
 To work with DNR staff to develop draft recreation management recommendations, consistent with DNR policies and related adopted plans.
The draft recommendations must:
 Be consistent with the purpose and objectives of DNR-managed trust lands;
 Not adversely affect revenue generation from timber sales and special forest products for our trust beneficiaries and counties;
 Not adversely affect the unique ecological systems, scenic qualities, and wildlife habitat included in the planning area;
 Provide equitable opportunities for appropriate recreation uses that are consistent with DNR goals for the landscape and resources.
What are the commitments of being a member of the Recreation Planning Committee?
 Commit to actively participate and attend all meetings throughout the process, including presenting the committee’s recommendations to the public;
 Meet with other interests, not directly represented within the committee, to share ideas, and solicit input;
 Agree to focus on the whole community by representing the interests of recreation activities or organization(s) other than your own, in addition to giving input related to your recreation area of interest;
 Agree to use a consensus-based, decision-making process;
 Agree to work within the charter set forth by DNR and the ground rules agreed upon by the group.
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