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I think there's a point being missed! Did you not get the comment about more info on NWW? Go look at the lands section of the Peak Putters site. Why do I seem to be the only one picking up on some of the info there?When I do put a piece up here, I get no response. Why? No one cares? It's a bit discouraging. I guess I'm at the point I'll keep my bunch informed, but why cross post if no action is taken. We talk in private a lot over there, so you may not see some of what's going on, but it is.

All I want is some communication as to what's going on at the higher levels, so I feel like I'm being included. I don't care if anyone does spend all day working or whatever! I do to, and I still find time to post current issues...Use this forum as a tool, or shut it down. There's more comment on BS threads than those that affect our future ability to wheel
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It's a Scout thing
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