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Once arriving at the site, we walked through the trail and the forest service described the work that needed to be done in each area and assigned group leaders for each task. The first area, immediately off the road was a small hill and meadow that was rutted and dug out from vehicles climbing up on to the trail. This section was to be ripped and smoothed with the equipment and have erosion control matting placed to control runoff and stabilize the soil.

The next section dropped down to a marshy area with a wooden bridge that looked like it was perpetually wet, and clearly had a massive amount of erosion from heavy use. From the low area there was a hill climb out. The FS had already started work in this area and mentioned that the chute on the uphill had walls 6'+ high that they had already pulled down and smoothed out. This area was to be smoothed, drainage improved, and restored. The FS wanted the bridge removed so they could salvage the materials.

Atkins and his crew along with the FS equipment operators started on these sections while we continued the walk through of the rest of the project.

Here is the start of the section that is relocated to the road

Unfortunately I didn't get any before pictures, but here are the results.

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