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Originally Posted by jim putman View Post
Clay, send me your e-mail addy and I will send you the list I have and we will update it as needed.
My e-mail is but Dan will need this info to update the site. I only know the guys in our region that report to Earl.

I would like to see all the areas the PNW4WDA is working to keep open listed. I came to this site when I first got on line years ago and was hoping to find info about a few ORV areas that I heard of. They were not listed and years later that still aren't. I had not looked at that list in years and kind of forgot about until I got an e-mail from someone that was looking for info about Naches on the PNW4WDA site. They said Naches was not listed on the PNW4WDA OHV area page. That kind of surprised me since Trail Jam is held there.
Clay Graham

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