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Originally Posted by Grumpy View Post
Mona, can you expand on this a mite? Legal Council for the House Committee on Natural Resources has told me, via Doc Hastings office in Pasco, that an omnibus bill won't make it beyond the House. Monday I will call Barb Lisk, Doc's District Exec., and see what she's heard.
Mr. Grumpy I edited the information I posted this morning to show where the information came from. It was a shock to me too because the RAC I serve on is just now considering more 'wilderness characteristics' like there is no bill current, if there was a bill I was thinking the Oregon un-Natural Desert Association would have been pushing for it.

2/4/2013 and this today from Arra-Access
Mona Drake

Deschutes County 4 Wheeler
(Trails Development Committee)
Harney County High Desert Wheeler
Region 6 PNW4WDA Secretary
South East Oregon Resource Advisory Council

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