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In addition to the above:

On the clubs page, Region 5-Wolfpack is in Lebanon, not LeBanon.
Other issue on Region 5 map on clubs page- Boundary line needs to follow the green line just below the "5" to the border with Idaho, and revert to green line where it is now black. Southern boundary was changed a couple of years ago.

Clubs page, Region 6- Alan has not been region Director since Feb. 2012. Junction City Jeepers folded up about 4 years ago, and Cascade Offroad has not been a member for at least 4 years. There are also two clubs not listed as members. The club in Burns, Hi Desert/Harney County, has been a member for at least 4 years, and is one of the clubs the current Region Director is a member of. Another new club this past winter is Northeast Oregon Wheelers.

Those are the issues I am aware of, who knows how out of date the rest of it is, with dropped clubs and new ones not listed. The web team needs to get with membership and get this thing corrected, Been two weeks since I brought up the Associate dues issue on the join now page, and still not corrected. Doubt it will be, since it has not been done yet.

This kind of out of date material (some by 4-5 years) does not bode well for getting new people in the PNW when they call a club that has either folded or is no longer a member, or calling a Region Director that is out of office, and they end up making more calls to get what they want.

I heard from Ron at TriPower, so that should be corrected in the next issue. Have not heard back from Membership, but it looks like she as been busy getting out the decals.
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