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Default Naches Ranger District Fire Restrictions

Campfires are Banned in the Naches Ranger District with an exception to the W.O. Douglas, Norse Peaks, Goat Rocks Wilderness areas.

Approved Fires
Liquid gas stoves or fires. These include: Propane gas camp stoves used for campground or backcountry use.
Propane gas catalytic heaters.
White gas camp stoves with a pump which distribute pressurized gas.
Butane or other pressurized gas canister devices attached to camp stoves.
Propane or white gas lanterns that distribute gas under pressure.

Solid fuel citronella candles in a metal bucket.
Solid fuel candles in a metal or glass container.
Propane barbeque devices that do not utilize solid briquettes for the heat source.
Propane or pressurized white gas warming devices with a shield and base.

Non-approved Fires
Campfires that utilize wood, pressed logs, wood pellets, paper, cardboard, or other solid fuels.
Campfires utilizing solid fuel that do not distribute the flame with a wick.
Briquette fires.
Unapproved fires on a summer home or residence porch or in an uncontained structure.
Unapproved fires in a tent, open garage or carport, fenced area, shelter, porch or other nonstructural surrounding.
“Tikki torches” which utilize liquid fuel.
Campfires, lanterns, or stoves that use non-pressurized liquid gas or fuel.
Liquid fuel citronella lanterns or candles.
Solid fuel candles which are not contained within a metal container or glass container.
Liquid fuel stove or lantern fires which utilize a wick to distribute the flame.
Solid fuel fireworks of any kind.
Wood, solid fuel or non-pressurized gas campfires contained by a rock barrier.
Wood, solid fuel or non-pressurized gas campfires contained in an open camp stove, container, or barrel.
Wood, solid fuel or non-pressurized gas campfires contained in a closed camp stove, not in a fully contained residence or summer home.
Stove or fireplace fires completely contained within a summer home or residence.
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