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[quote=Dianamal77;20088]2014 Play Day schedule as of 02/04/14
(this is the schedule as I know it. You may want to confirm with the Comp Chairman, Dave Taylor, at 360-668-0719 or The schedule is also floating around on Facebook. The PNW4WDA has a Facebook page. You may want to join.

No thanks on joining a product used for harvesting info....
Used for the feds and criminals to gain info
and a place for teenage kids to create drama.
I know that can be done here as well, but why when so many willing give it up there.
So I will put my tinfoil hat back on and wonder why the PNW4WDA wastes the band with here, wonder why people wont use it, but then ***** it not being used as info that have sections here for that info dont get used for why we have them.
Guess the PNW4WDA might as well just close down the web page and not waste money, and I would say time, but I guess that is not the case here....
Thanks for posting up what was to important to put on our own sight however
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