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Default Monday Night Meet-Ups

I looked up 'forum' and discovered it meant...a place of assembly for the people.

Part of the reason for starting this new forum was to provide a fun place to hang out with friends when we couldn't do it in person on the trail, at the track, or around the campfire.

Look folks, let me be straight up with you. We can't all get together, but we share a common interest and it is the reason we are all here.
Exactly what is it that we like? Is it the machine or is it the outdoors?
Is it the smell of fresh air or the sound of intake manifolds dispensing combustible fluids, and pistons slapping against heads?

This forum is a newfangled modern tool that we can use to get to know each other and plan for fun times together. I would like to invite you all to come and sit around the campfire (aka get on this forum) on Monday nights. Maybe from 7 to 9 pm?

What do you want to talk about?

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