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Default All Wheelers L T Murray Run (March 14th, 2009)

All Wheelers Off Road Club -
Spring Fever Run
at the L. T. Murray
March 14th, 2009

This year we had the All Wheelers Off Road Club's Spring Fever Run at the L. T. Murray.

We met up at the first parking area at the end of Sheep Company road.

Heading out.

The Rig Trail Boss was Havo and the Quad Trail Boss was Jeepscum.

The two groups took different routes from here.

Going around one of many of the illegal mud holes.

A quick break.

The two groups meet up here to visit some.

Both groups ran together from there.

Finely what I have been looking for, snow!

Jeepscum on his quad.

Red and his tall MJ

Getting fun!

A few of us took a run at this hill and made it to the top.

We better stop playing and go. They are leaving us. lol

Jeepscum and Nevada were our only quad riders on this run.

Moving down the trail we hit Nissan Xterra traffic.

Heading out.

Back at the parking lot airing up.

Thanks for the air Havo!

This was a fun run thanks to all who came.
Clay Graham

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