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Default Evan's Creek August 2008

The Faithwheelers have been hosting the campground at Evan's Creek on the last weekend before Labor Day for the past 5 years.

To start the weekend off on the only sour note, we were unable to get the Host box from the Burnett Chevron so we didn't have any of host materials for cleaning or record keeping. When I arrived our host site was in use by someone else and we'd set up camp in a different spot. Now there was some justice as the people in the host spot when wheeling and left their roaring campfire going and picked up a huge fine!

I was unable to get up there until Saturday so I'm waiting on the Friday pics from JR Gaylor if he got any. The day on Saturday started off for me with some booty campground repairs. I replaced the broken center pin on my right front leaf spring but forgot to put the bump stop back in. A chunk of wood and some bungie cords and I was good to go though. It actually stayed in place for the entire day.

No trip report from Evan's Creek is complete without a picture of Mt Rainier, so here they are 8O

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