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Default C6 Behind a 6.9L Diesel ((Help))

Hey folks here is the Story

Trans went out so went to Scrapyard and bought a used one. 2 months later it started gushing fluid from the front of the trans.

Thought the worse so I went and picked up another. Had a kid install it and it immediately gushed fluid out the front.

When the kid pulled it back out he said he saw a crack in the Flex-Plate... Replaced that, and I finished the kids re-install. Gush from the front

Thinking he may have Damaged the seal I Pulled it, installed new Seal, and carefully re-installed it. Gush from the front.

Pulled it again thinking the cracked Flex-plate might have cracked the Torque converter I replaced it with the Original Tran Converter. Still gush from the front.

Pulled it again to Verify the Flex-Plate was installed properly? ( Only one way for Flex-Plate to go on.

This is where I am now Tranny on Jack looking for Suggestions as to what to check Next?????

Oh and by the way this is My Brothers truck in My Yard.
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