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Here is part of our local debate. Just a couple of weeks ago, the Sierra Club hosted a workshop on identifying "OHV damage" (which was attended by about 10 people) and it was covered by one of our local TV stations. Fortunately, the TV station wanted balance coverage so they contacted our club for an opposing viewpoint. Be sure to click on the play video button and watch the news report.

This proves one of the points I am continually harping on. Get involved in your community and become a known and respected entity!!!! If our club were anonymous, the TV station would never have known who to call for an opposing viewpoint. While the portion of the interview that made it onto TV was very short, we spent about a half hour explaining to the reporter who we are and what we do. He now can use us as reference material for future use. We have done the same with our local newspaper and are called upon and always quoted when an OHV story is published. When someone says “Sierra Club” everyone knows who they are. When someone says “(insert club name)” does anybody know who you are????
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