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When I finished reading the editorial in the Sunday paper written by Tom Harris, who claims to be a spokesperson for the four wheel drive community. I felt Tom’s editorial did not have one supporting statement for our community and most of his babble was forest service talking points, i.e. the Bubba Factor. It sounded like a forest service employee wrote it.

Tom was asked by the Four Runners to refrain negotiating with forest service for the club on his own, and he quit the Four Runners and Region 6 after approximately 30 years as a member. Tom has his own agenda, and his own views and the four wheel drive community views are in direct conflict. But he probably thinks of me as Bubba.

The clubs position is as stated and that the club feels it is critical to designate Class II Trails so that they appear on the MVUM and not left to some unspecified time in the future.
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