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Default BLM - Supplementary Rules -

On May 18th, 2007 the Bureau of Land Mangement (BLM) posted temporary rules at the Dunes based on safety concerns and modeled after the State of Washingtion OHV/ATV regulations and were intended to reduce conflicts with damage to adjacent private lands; it also addressed the BLM obtaining an easement for public access, etc. (44 CFR 83641 (b)(2) - Uses and Activities.
(CFR = Code of Federal Regulations)

This new Proposed Supplementary Rule (Sept. '09) revises the '07 Rule. It contains six (6) sections; # 4 Juniper Dunes OHV/ATV Use Area addresses the same requirements as found in the May '07 temporary rules. EXCEPTION: language has been omitted requiring current state registration or visable stickers/tabs on OHV/ATV vehicles; nor does it state personal identification needs to be carried on the person operating the off road vehicle; (d) does add language addressing Juniper, Smith Canyon and Wilderness Roads - in May '07 only the Peterson Road was noted.

As you read the current BLM posting in the Federal Register - it implies requirements are leveled at OHV (motorcycle) and ATV (Quads) more than at the four wheel drive users. The only place four wheeled passenger vehicle is sighted - (d) "Safety flags are not required for street-legal vehicle on roads stated above."

It is clear the agency's defination for OHV/ATV needs to be clarified ( motorcycle/ATV/four wheel drive users). A letter has been drafted on behalf of the Association - requesting clarification on their OHV defination and the statement "requiring safety equipment for OHV users" - "they are mixing apples and oranges" again. I will keep everyone informed as to the outcome.

Arlene Brooks, WA. State Director (pnw4wda -c)

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